Own Choice Music and Official Accompanists

Own Choice Music Pieces

Due to copyright rules you must have at least one original copy of the music in the room when you perform.  Photocopies are allowed, as required, for the adjudicator and other performers, including the accompanist.  It is the performer's responsibility to bring the original copy.

Official Accompanists

If you require an official accompanist, it is important that we get a copy of your "choice" of
music to the right accompanist in plenty of time for them to check and learn the piece.
This also applies to classes where the "choice" is from a list or a book.

  1. You must send a photocopy of the piece to Cathy Starling to arrive by the Friday immediately following the closing date for entries, but preferably earlier.  If you miss this deadline, you may be requested to pay an extra fee of up to £25.
  2. The photocopies must be taped together along the long edges to create a single fold out in the correct order.  STAPLES are NOT to be used.
  3. On the first page, clearly mark at the top, the performer's name and the class number.
  4. Do NOT request a signature on delivery.  If Cathy has to go and collect it, we will charge you.
  5. Ensure you put a large enough stamp on.  A4 envelopes require a Large Letter stamp at minimum.
    Royal Mail pricer is here
Remember that on the day you must bring a copy for the adjudicator and for yourself if needed.  Remember that you MUST have at least one original copy in the room.

Send the TAPED (NO STAPLES) copy to:
Cathy Starling
Wlakers Passage
07710 493030