The 2019 Syllabus is now under construction

The 2019 Festival will run over the first three weekends of March.  The Syllabus is being prepared now and should be available by the start of the next school term.  If you have any suggestions please post on our Facebook page.


For the last two years the Festival has received no funding from the Council.  Both Festivals ended with a significant deficit.  Please consider making a donation of any amount, however small, so that we can continue providing the opportunity for aspiring musicians and drama students.

The 2018 Festival finished with a final concert on 18th March 2018

The Final concert and the Young Musician of the Festival Competition was held on 18th March. The 2018 Young Musician of the Year is Yuan Xu.  Yuan is an very competent pianist who has been a regular Festival player.  This last year has seen him develop his skills quite strongly. Congratulations to Yuan and his fellow finalists who provided us with a great play-off.

Yuan Xu

The full list of 2018 class winners is available through the "Winners" link above.

The venue for 2018 was Harrogate High School

We were at
Harrogate High School (HHS),
Ainsty Road, Harrogate,
on the 2nd-4th, 9th-11th and 16th-18th March (

For 2018 we were, for the second time, at HHS.

Once more we were very happy with the location and are grateful yet again for the strong support of the school staff.

This year we had use of the Dance Studio and the Sport Hall.  This worked well for us as it provided the opportunity to use more space. 

The first weekend was very busy and we were forced to use some of the smaller rooms when we would have preferred not to.  We have decided that in 2019 we will move the Strings sections from the first to the third weekend to better balance the weekends and to give ourselves more options on the use of rooms.