Income and Expenditure of the Festival

Please see below the Income and Expenses for the Festival for the Financial Year ending 31st May 2018

Income Expenses
As you can see, the 2018 Festival ran with a deficit of nearly THREE Thousand pounds.

Here are the summary figures from the previous years.

Item Y/E 31/5/14 Y/E 31/5/15 Y/E 31/5/16 Y/E 31/5/17 Y/E 31/5/18
Income 22,272 23,221 18,135 15,485 16,616
Expenditure 22,140 22,505 21,596 18,259 19,453
Profit/(Loss) 132 715 (3,462) (2,773) (2,837)
Notes HBC grant 4,000 HBC grant 3,000 No HBC grant
Note 1
No HBC grant No HBC grant

The loss of the Harrogate Borough Council Grant has had a great effect on the viability of the Festival.

Note 1:  We are very grateful for a significant legacy (not included in the above numbers), received in the year ending May 2016.  The legacy and reserves are helping us through this transition period, but clearly the Festival cannot continue to sustain the recent losses.
This year, we regret that, through necessity, we will be charging for accompanists and increasing the price of venue entry fees and programmes.

Full details of the Financial Position are published at each year's AGM.  A copy of these financial reports can be found by clicking on the header of each column in the above table.