The 2017 Festival is over

The Final concert and the Young Musician of the Festival Competition was held on 19th March. We are pleased to confirm that the 2017 Young Musician of the Year is Theo Pedley. Theo is a rather talented percussionist. Congratulations to Theo and his fellow finalists.

Theo Pedley

The 2017 Festival was held at Harrogate High School

This was our first year at this HHS, a brand new building only available to us a few days after it was open to pupils.

The Festival organising committee were very happy with the location and are grateful for the strong support of the school staff.

Mostly, the building suited our needs.  We have learnt a few of the intricacies, limitations and some other potential of the site.  These will be taken into account next year when we allocate the rooms.  If you felt cramped in 2017, we hope to address that in 2018.

Directions to HHS can be found on our locations page.

The 2018 Festival.

The 2018 Festival will start on Friday March 2nd

It will run for three weekends.  We will publish the Syllabus some time in July/August 2017